Updated on 7/29/2019
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Appliance Operational Procedures
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This guide covers common operational questions and procedures for Eyeglass and ECA clusters.

Eyeglass Common Procedures

  1. Shutting down the appliance -
    1. Login as admin using ssh
    2. su -s  (enter admin password)
    3. systemctl stop sca
    4. shutdown
  2. Reboot the appliance
    1. NOTE:  This should not be used as a trouble shooting step.  This is not required for any operational steps.  If a reboot is required for an operating system patch follow these steps.   For all other cases open a case with support and do not reboot the appliance unless directed by support
    2. login as admin
    3. su -s (enter admin password)
    4. systemctl stop sca
    5. reboot
  3. IP address change
    1. login as admin
    2. su -s (enter admin password)
    3. yast
    4. use arrow keys to select networking and edit interface ip settings, including, DNS and default gateway
  4. vmotion to new ESX host
    1. Eyeglass can be moved between hosts without shutdown
  5. Isilon code upgrade see guide

ECA cluster Common Operations

  1. For most operational tasks see the guide.
  2. Restart the cluster
    1. login to node 1 as ecaadmin over ssh
    2. ecactl cluster down
    3. then
    4. ecactl cluster up
    5. NOTE: can take 5-7 minutes to startup and shutdown all nodes in the cluster
  3. Reboot a single node 
    1. login to the node over ssh as ecaadmin
    2. su -s (enter admin password)
    3. reboot
    4. Now login to node 1 as ecaadmin
    5. ecactl cluster up (this will ensure all services are started on all nodes, even if the cluster is already running)
  4. ECA cluster ip address change
    1. Open a case with support

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